LOKA P2E NFT MMO | Earn Crypto In Blockchain Strategy Game

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As the Metaverse grows so do the ways to earn crypto in gaming. The means to benefit arise from participating in competitive games where virtual land and NFTs are used to create economic opportunities within the system. Could this be the future of MMO gaming?

New Partners

IndiGG announced that it has partnered with League of Kingdoms, a mobile play-to-earn game. This has opened an opportunity for scholars to earn a few bucks as a passive income. They will be able to do so by holding a piece of virtual land or monetizing their in-game non-fungible tokens.

There are many more ways in which IndiGG will allow its scholars to earn money. It has welcomed the League of Kingdoms into its list of partners. Now it is all up to the team behind IndiGG to participate in the sale for its community.


League of Kingdoms falls under the category of strategic games. Players have to develop their kingdoms and strengthen them to survive and win. Armies can also be built to further protect their respective land in the League of Kingdoms.

The kingdom expands every time a player wins the battle. Players can expand their kingdoms across several continents. They can do so by gathering resources and allies. The game supports decentralized practices of Web3. One unique instance is all the members voting to elect a leader.

It has got its own token called $LOKA, something that players can earn in multiple ways. One such way is to get into a battle and defeat the enemy. Some other activities that players can engage in to earn digital tokens are breeding, raising, and staking pet dragons.

One aspect that IndiGG is looking to explore is the monetization of virtual lands in the League of Kingdoms. IndiGG is currently being built with Polygon. It is a Sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games that enables players to create economic opportunities for themselves.

Termed as the future of gaming, IndiGG enables its players to truly embark on a journey into the virtual world.

IndiGG x League Of Kingdoms

IndiGG’s partnership with League of Kingdoms has opened up opportunities for participants to explore more ways of earning money while playing the game. As per the partnership terms, IndiGG will participate in the upcoming sale of lands and acquire a few pieces.

Once acquired, players will be able to own in-game land to establish their kingdoms. Players will even be able to build a troop to protect the piece of virtual land.

There are many ways to earn in League of Kingdoms, and hopes are that the scholars will have a blast with this MMO strategy game, said IndiGG.

There would be no waiting period for scholars to start building their kingdoms. It would come into effect immediately, after which everything will depend on the participant on how he or she wishes to monetize their virtual property.

Some ways in which they can earn money include engaging in PvP battles and relying on their land NFTs. The earnings would be credited in the native currency of the League of Kingdoms which is LOKA.

Further notification of IndiGG successfully gaining access to land NFTs will be updated soon.

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