Atari Crypto Partner ICICB Reveals Fastest TPS & Lowest Transfer Fee

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Atari partner, ICICB Group, launches its blockchain ICICB CHAIN with the lowest transfer speed and fastest TPS beating Bitcoin & Ethereum. Also with the development of the metaverse “Cosmos”, within the ICICB ecosystem, ICICB seeks to position it as the bigger competitor that will outperform all others.

The project was unveiled at the 2021 Blockchain Innovation Summit in Dubai, an event that was dedicated to blockchain-based innovations. Fast-forward to 2022 and the ICICB Group, which previously partnered with Atari to develop the Atari Chain and the Atari Token, has now created its own blockchain with the goal of driving additional innovations.

The Blockchain Innovation Summit, which brought together industry experts in networking, entrepreneurship, and innovation to raise awareness of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and their capabilities, as well as the fast expanding Metaverse, was sponsored by the ICICB Group.

Since 2019, the ICICB Group has been leveraging technology to springboard its goal of providing sustainable investing solutions to its global clients. With the launch of the ICICB Chain, clients, investors, and stakeholders will be able to take advantage of new enhanced opportunities presented by the blockchain.

Blockchain like you’ve never seen before

The ICICB Chain’s fast transaction speed of 50,000 TPS is one of its distinguishing qualities. Furthermore, the ICICB Chain has the lowest transfer costs in the world, at $0.0000008 per transaction. These features are considerably better than other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In addition to the ICICB Chain, the Group is launching its extensive ICICB ecosystem, which will enable users to experience the full scope of the ICICB Chain’s features. In its initial phase, the ICICB ecosystem will offer the ICICB DEX, ICICB Portal, ICICB Bridge, ICICB Wallet, ICICB Coin, ICICB NFT Marketplace, the Metaverse by ICICB, ICICB Games, and more.

The interconnectivity of the ICICB Chain’s huge ecosystem is what makes it unique. For instance, users can purchase in-game assets with the available balance in their ICICB Wallet. In addition, the ICICB Chain will allow users to earn money by engaging in blockchain-based games such as Ares, an ICICB-owned shooting game. Users can also buy, sell, and collect in-game assets such as skins, accessories, and more through the ICICB NFT Marketplace.

A metaverse that blurs the line between fantasy and reality

Most notably, ICICB Group is also developing on its metaverse named “Cosmos,” a virtual environment that aims to outperform other metaverses. Cosmos has no constraints due to its interaction with the entire ICICB ecosystem, which includes the ICICB Marketplace, which lets users buy clothes, vehicles, furniture, and other items with NFTs.

Cosmos will allow users to vote in a virtual government, own virtual land, engage in various activities, and more. It’s intended to be one of the most immersive virtual worlds ever created, with breathtaking graphics that outshine those of other virtual worlds.

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