Cosmos Emerges in VR | ICICB Group Expand Their Presense With Metaverse Technology

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Virtual reality is set for a major upgrade with the upcoming release of Cosmos, a Metaverse framework by ICICB Group. The Metaverse has evolved following the release of Cosmos by ICICB Group.

Cosmos Emerges in VR 

ICICB has been at the forefront in deveolping technology that can benefit the crypto space and the future of DeFi projects with the recent announcement of the ICICB CHAIN having the lowest transfer speed and fastest TPS beating Bitcoin & Ethereum, Now with the announcement of Cosmos ICICB seeks to position itself to become the leader being the main presence in the VR ecosystem.

The digital and internet ages find themselves at an interesting crossroads in time currently as the emergence of blockchain technology over the past decade have given way to the rise of the Metaverse, a fully-realized digital world that exists in a different dimension than our physical reality.

Despite the misconceptions that have arisen from Facebook’s transition to Meta, there is no one entity or organization that is creating or holds rights to the Metaverse, but instead, it has arisen more organically to provide an interactive framework for the yottabytes of data that exist across the internet.

As global awareness of the emerging Metaverse grows, ICICB Group is well-positioned to capture this momentum and help evolve the space as a whole thanks to the launch of the ICICB Chain, the backbone of the ICICB Metaverse, also known as Cosmos.

Cosmos offers a never-before-experienced journey through time with separate epochs that represent ancient, modern and future human life, each with its own unique set of nonfungible tokens and artifacts that will keep users enthralled with gameplay while also accumulating real-world value.

Become An Expert Time Traveler

Each user in the ICICB Metaverse will become an expert time traveler, teleporting from the stone age to the world of the future on a whim and exploring the vast multitude of experiences that human life has to offer.

Extra precautions have been put in place to prevent the destruction of the timeline, however, as items from the past can be brought forward to the future while artifacts from the future are unable to make a journey backward in time for fear of creating a universe-destroying paradox.

With each epoch of time including an expansive virtual world that eclipses the size of the virtual worlds found on The Sandbox or Decentraland, Cosmos is on track to become the largest virtual ecosystem in existence across time and space.

Atari 3D Blockchain Casino

For users who wish to focus on our present time to explore what the world has to offer, ICICB has specifically crafted its Atari 3D blockchain casino that can only be found in the modern age and provides explores with an interactive gaming playground where they can earn money and place bets through a variety of popular games and contests.

First-person shooter fans can frag to their hearts desires in the new ARES by ICICB MMORPG game, which utilizes blockchain technology to allow for the creation of game assets that can be owned in the real world and sold on the ICICB NFT marketplace.

Thanks to the underlying strength of the ICICB Chain, the world’s best blockchain network in terms of speed, cost, and security, Cosmos is destined to be a major fixture in the ongoing Metaverse revolution as the digital age continues to unfold at a quickening pace.

ICICB Group is a financial services company based out of the Middle East that has a network of hundreds of offices around the globe, providing financial and banking services to over 26 countries. As part of the group’s overall mission of helping to advance the development of digital technology that can be integrated with the everyday aspects of people’s lives to increase efficiency and sustainability.

To take things to the next level, the firm is about to unveil their upcoming launch of an expanded ecosystem, ICICB Chain on 22 February 2022 that incorporates the hottest sectors of the expanding cryptoverse.

With an ecosystem that integrates a wide range of blockchain-based solutions that allow clients worldwide to play, trade, and earn in one place, the ICICB Metaverse is laying the groundwork to emerge as a popular global hub for entrance into the virtual world of the future.

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