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League of Miners sets its eyes on the future with its soon to be released NFT project. The long-term goal, with sales of 11,111 themed NFTsbased upon their brand, is to invest in Ethereum stake-pools and actively managed funds. Holders will have the means to earn “gold dust” staking their NFTsamoung other benefits.

A League of Miner NFT with tools
The League of Miners NFT collection will drop this week.

League of Miners to invest in DeFi protocols

When it comes to the NFT market, there is a lack of legal entities. Consequently, this leads to a lack of trust in projects. The League of Miners team recognised this shortcoming and decided to structure themselves as a real NFT company. After all, the team includes NFT collectors with a strong Web3 and digital advertising background. Having always dreamed of launching a long-term project, they decided to focus on DeFi investments.

“We plan to invest a large proportion of sales into Ethereum stake pools and other blockchains, to hope for an ongoing influx of funds for continuous development,” the team notes on their website. Basically, the League of Miners team will invest large parts of their funds in DeFi protocols, such as ETH stake-pools and actively managed funds. This way, they will get development funds regardless of their secondary sales.

The debut League of Miners NFT collection will drop at 6:00 pm UTC on February 28 at 0.08 ETH. There are currently no plans for a pre-sale. Each NFT in the collection is unique and generated from various traits, including hats and haircuts, eyes and glasses, mouth, gadgets, and more.

A miner NFT with a halo smoking
The NFTs in the collection feature attractive artworks.

The NFTs offer a range of benefits

What’s more, the League of Miners NFTs come with several digital as well as real-world benefits. First and foremost, NFT holders will get a chance to earn “gold dust” by staking their NFTs. Using gold dust, users can buy merchandise and more NFTs for the League of Miners universe. Another interesting perk is fostering holders’ education. Essentially, the team will regularly hold expert-led lectures to educate its members.

Next on the list is acquiring LAND in The Sandbox metaverse. The team is well aware of the growing role metaverses play in the crypto world. Therefore, buying a plot of virtual land is a crucial step in their roadmap.

In addition, the firm has planned several other drops for the future. All the drops, undoubtedly, will be mining-related. Plus, apparently, one of the next drops might even feature 3D characters! Along with a merchandise drop, the team will soon announce several other benefits for holders.

All in all, League of Miners is an interesting project to keep an eye on this year. For all the latest updates, make sure to follow their Twitter and Instagram page and join their Discord server. For more information, don’t forget to check their website!

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